The scientific program: Language, Literature and Paleography Research of the Croatian Glagolitic Heritage has been approved by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia. It consists of four projects.

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The Scientific Program of the Old Church Slavonic Institute

Language, Literature and Paleography Research of Croatian Glagolitic Heritage (2006-2010-2013)

The following important segments of the Croatian Glagolitic heritage will be investigated: linguistics, paleography and literature. The Grammar of the Croatian Church Slavonic Language will be completed for publication. It will be the first systematic description of that language, one of the first redactional grammars of any Church Slavonic language in general. Two monographs, a doctoral thesis and 25 papers will be completed, and the results of the research will be presented at least at 17 conferences, all about Croatian Church Slavonic language. Volumes 13-17 of the Dictionary of the Croatian redaction of Church Slavonic will be completed and, if possible, published. It is the continuation of dictionary articles beginning with letters V, G, D (according to the Glagolitic alphabet). The facsimiles of the Croatian Glagolitic sources from 11th-13th c. with their paleographic identity cards and comparative character tables will be published on-line. Paleographic analysis of the Kiev Missal will show the degree of similarity of this oldest Glagolitic manuscript with the geometric normative character form and will be published on-line: The artistic school and/or painter of the miniatures of Hrvoje's Misal will be identified. Computer progams will be developed for input and search of data in linguistics, lexicography, codicology, paleography, literature and Bible readings and for Glagolitic character recognition. Glagolitic paleography portal will be put on the web address of the Old Church Slavonic Institute. Research of literary themes: I.CROATIAN AND EUROPEAN HAGIOGRAPHY. LITERARY HISTORY AND TEXTOLOGY. 1. LATIN HAGIOGRAPHY: a) Texts on martyrs and local saints of Dalmatia and Istria, from their Antique roots to the end of the Middle Ages, b) Passions of Pannonian martyrs from the late Christian Antiquity, c) Codices of the Metropolitan Library in Zagreb. 2. GLAGOLITIC HAGIOGRAPHY: Nonliturgical texts from 14-17th c. 3. LATIN SCRIPT HAGIOGRAPHY: Main works of Latin script Croatian literature of 14-17th c. II. BIBLICAL AND APOCRYPHAL TEXTS. 1. Croatian Glagolitic Biblical texts translated from the Latin Vulgate; textological and lexicographical analysis; 2. Sources of the Croatian Glagolitic Protoevangelium Iacobi. III. LITERARY THEORY. The structuring of certain literary genres is determined from viewpoints of poetology and narratology. IV. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Analytical bibliography of 11 Croatian Glagolitic breviaries.

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