The mission of the Old Church Slavonic Institute is an interdisciplinary study of the medieval Croatian Glagolitic heritage in the Croatian and European contexts. Therefore the Institute scholars look for, discover, identify, systematically collect and list, analyse and study the Croatian and Old Church Slavonic Glagolitic manuscripts, inscriptions and printed books from the standpoint of palaeoslavistics, Croatian studies, linguistics, medieval studies, literary history, literary theory, textology, lexicography, lexicology, traductology, paleography, codicology, theology, liturgy, biblical scholarship, classical philology, history, cultural history, art history, history of medicine in the Croatian Glagolitic medical texts, and information science. The Institute long-term fundamental team project is Rječnik crkvenoslavenskoga jezika hrvatske redakcije (Dictionary of the Croatian redaction of the Church Slavonic language) – hereafter RCJHR, then the Grammar of the Croatian Church Slavonic language, the critical editions of the Croatian Glagolitic biblical, apocryphal, hagiographic and sermon texts, literary, palaeographic and other studies, miscellanies, monographs and textbooks. The Institute publishes an international scholarly journal Slovo, and has launched two new series: Biblioteca glagolitica croatica and Spomenici for the critical monographic publications of facsimiles and reprints. The Institute builds its collections by acquiring scholarly and professional monographs and journals, sound recordings of the Glagolitic chanting, microfilms, photographs, photocopies and digital images of the medieval, primarily Glagolitic, texts in order to have in one place a unique indispensable corpus of the primary and secondary sources for an authentic research of the Croatian Glagolism and Middle Ages in general. The digitizing of all Institute collections is done gradually and systematically by the modern technology. For the development of all these interdisciplinary scholarly approaches, for pushing the boundaries of knowledge and usefulness of that knowledge to others, we develop cutting-edge scholarly methods and the information technology for the research and for the publishing of our results. Through their university teaching and textbooks our scholars pass the Institute's research results to new generations. The Institute is open for visiting scholars and students around the world.

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e-mail: info@stin.hr