Affiliation: Old Church Slavonic Institute, Zagreb, Demetrova 11, HR-10000 Croatia
Register number: 001966
Founded: 1952
Employees: 1
Qualified librarians: 1
Acquisition: exchange, purchase, donation
Book titles: 12500
Periodicals: 511
Library holdings: 25000 volumes (books, periodicals, offprints)
Types of catalogues: author, title, subject, classified
Exchange: with 400 institutions from Croatia and abroad (app. 80% from abroad)
Documentation: a) Glagolitic script: collection of prints, tapes, microfilms, microfiches etc.
b) doctoral and master thesis
Users: researchers, scholars, professors, students and others
Subjects: Old Church Slavonic literature and language, Old Croatian literature, other mediaeval literature, paleoslavic studies, paleography, Slavic studies, linguistics, theology, history, art history

phone: +385 1 4851380