The project of digitization of Old Church Slavonic Institute best in Croatia

At the 4th Festival of the Croatian digitization projects 10th-11th April 2014 in Zagreb, Marica Čunčić, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., gave a lecture: "The digitization of collections of the Old Church Slavonic Institute" in which she presented all the computer programs of the Institute and the colleagues who worked with her: Antonio Magdic, Dipl. Ing. M. E., Ljiljana Mokrovic, B.A., M.A., Andrea Radosevic, B.A., Ph.D.

The Festival participants have chosen by vote the digitization project of the Old Church Slavonic Institute as the best of all the presented projects.

The award for the best project is an invitation and a free participation in the international conference "Development of digitization - Practices and Standards" 21st-23rd May 2014 in Kladovo within the project "Digital Library - education" supported by the Ministry of Trade and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia. The aim of the conference is the exchange of experience among experts in the framework of the national cultural institutions of their countries dealing with digitization of library and archival materials.

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